Wealth Management at Luxon Financial in 2018

Business Model
A multi-custodial, open architecture firm which allows financial advisors to think independently with a comprehensive solution to a client’s business needs.

A modern and secure mobile, web-based cloud technology platform that provides expanded choices at lower price points for clients and financial advisors.

A fiduciary standard of behavior and actions to ensure an alignment of interests with potential solutions.

Financial Advisors: Entrepreneurs and Partners

Financial Advisors who wish to manage an independent practice which best suits the needs of their clients.

Financial Advisors who seek to work collaboratively firm-wide.

Financial Advisors who act like owners and think strategically.

Differentiated Value Proposition

We believe that the financial advisor sits at the center of a relationship with a client but that the firm matters because of its potential to impact the advisors’ ability to serve their clients.

Value Creation
We believe that value creation only occurs when there is an alignment of interests between financial advisers and their firm. Ultimately, there must be complementary needs that can be satisfied to create a firm foundation between an advisor and the firm.

Alternative Path
We seek to partner with existing independent registered investment advisory firms, advisors and broker-dealers seeking independence who are not satisfied with the impersonal and autonomous condominium mindset of private equity sponsored roll-up platforms.